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Crusin Baja 2009, The Seawind Rally

Thinking about a schedule…

Kurt wants to do a Seawind Rally before Loreto Fest(April 30-May3). 2-3 Seawinds will be sailing north from Puerto Villarta so it makes since to sail south to join them and sail north together maybe doing a one day layover on Is. Monserrate or Candeleros South then on to Loreto Fest (Leg 3). Filling things in around that leg gets easier. Frankie and I will be sailing with Neely again and want to cross with her from San Carlos for 3 weeks starting with Leg 2. We need to find a way to get back to San Carlos after Leg 4. Maybe there is a boat crossing to San Carlos that we can get a ride or possibly flying on the Cessna airline or our friend Ted?? The remaining legs will need to be covered since Frankie and I are heading for Missouri to start our farm house remodel.


Leg 1 April 12-19, Crew:Lowell, Bill, Dave –

Puerto Penasco to San Carlos

Leg 2 April 19-26, Crew:Lowell, Frankie, Neely,

San Carlos to Loreto. Could pick crew in Santa Rosalia (bus from Ca. ??) Visit our new friends (overnight anchorage) in Bahia San Marcos

Leg 3 April 26-3, Crew:Lowell, Frankie, Neely

Seawind Rally to Loreto Fest. Sail from Loreto heading south to meet Seawinds coming from Puerto Villart, maybe meet 2 days south. Pick up Kurt and ? on the 26th. Some crew could move to other Seawinds as we meet up.

Leg 4 May 3-10, Crew: Frankie ,Lowell, Neely

Sail the Loreto area

Leg 5 May 10-17, Crew:Bill,

Frankie, Neely and I back to San Carlos some how??

Leg 6 – May 17-24, Crew: Rick

in the Loreto area.

Leg 7 – May 24-31, Crew: Bill,

Leg 8 – May 31-7, Crew: Bill

Roger’s concert in Penasco is June 6th


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