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Bahia Willard & Puertecitos

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Wednesday… Winds blowing up the channel from Bay of LA gave us a good ride as usual in the morning. By mid day light easterlies prevailed making for a down wind motor sail towards Bahia Willard.
IMG 3600.IMG 3611
These small whales (maybe pilot whales) were heading south. They had no interest in the boat so we tried to catch them. They never surfaced enough for us to identify them.

DSC 0765.DSC 0770
We can tell we’re moving north, water is getting warmer along with the temp on the boat. Running down wind means we have no breeze on the boat so a swim stop is what we need.

DSC 0766

Bahia Calamajue sets 15 miles south of Willard and has always looked interesting as we sailed by. We sailed in and dropped anchor in the east bay in 20′ of beautiful clear water. Dropping in the water we find sea grasses streaming to the surface and black shale rock formations on the shoreline and small island on the east side of the entrance. Large schools of trigger, angel & unknown black fish make this a great snorkel spot. The bay is lined with sand beaches with a Mexican fishing camp on the south shore. There doesn’t appear to be anybody around and many structures are in need of repair. Perfect south wind protection and great snorkeling make it a spot we need to come back and anchor overnight to explore in more detail. Sorry I forgot to take any pictures.

Like clockwork, as we climb back on the boat, winds pick up a bit giving us a much better ride on to Bahia Gonzaga just before Willard. The breeze holds until we approach the beach community just behind Isla Willard where Alfonsina’s sets on the north end of the beach.IMG 3618 We need fuel, Rum & dinner. It’s warm and the wind died as we anchor and send out an Update with the open wireless from a house on the beach (thank you). By the time we get to Alfonsina’s it’s nearly 7 and the Pemex gas station closes at 7.. IMG 3630aNot to worry, the restaurant calls the gas station to hold it open for us and arranged to get us a ride 3 miles out to the HW where the Pemex sets. Garlic fish for dinner and probably the best of Baja08. Did I mention… Sally has turned into a card shark and kicked our butts in hearts before we gave it up for the night.

Friday (Summer Solstice)… Good thing it’s a long day today because we have big plans. IMG 3634We’re up and off to Isla San Luis by 7. There’s sights to see before we head on to Puertecitos for our anchorage tonight. Just south of Luis, Lew had a heavy hook up that turned out to be a 3′ manta ray. Lots of work IMG 3646 with me backing Gato Loco to help reel it in and quickly release it not wanting a Steve Erwin story.

Those of you who follow Gato Loco’s past adventures to these waters know that there’s a cool volcanic inland pool on the island and Isote Pomo just IMG 3649north is a spiritual place and I’ve decided this trip, my favorite island in the Sea of Cortez. For starters the blue water is here and visibility is over 60′. The cathedral walls, caves & awesome scenery just can’t be matched. I can’t believe we skipped it on our way south.. The crew appreciates this special placeIMG 3688a with oohs & aahs as we round each corner. Today the winds are from the south and we get the extra treat to anchor in the north cove surrounded by 200′ sheer walls.



IMG 3697

Tomorrow we make our passage back to Penasco and what a perfect day to prepare us to return to our shore side lives. Our home commuity of Cholla Bay is a special place but venturing out on the Sea adds greatly to our Mexico experience..IMG 3674

Heading out tomorrow at 5 AM.




Sending this from Puertecitos complements of Ken…

The Gato Loco Crew

Leg 1 April 11-19, Crew: Lowell, Bill, Dave – Puerto Penasco to San Carlos
Leg 2 April 29-4, Crew: Bill, Clyde, Bruce & Cynthia – San Carlos to Puerto Escondido
Leg 3 May 4-11, Lowell, Frankie, Bill, Richard & Kerry (from Australia) in the Loreto area..
Leg 4 May 11-17, Crew: Frankie ,Lowell , Bob & Chris Sanders & Kerry (sailing with us for extra week) (to La Paz)
Leg 5 May 17-24, Crew: Bill, Lindsay & Eve
Leg 6 – May 24-31, Rick and family in the Loreto area.
Leg 7 – May 31-7, Crew: Bill, Mike, Brian, Heather, Roger, Alisa & Carl. Puerto Escondido to San Carlos
Leg 8 – June 13-22, Crew: Lowell, Sally, Lew & Suzanne – San Carlos to Puerto Penasco



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