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Scorpion Bay

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IMG 3070

Tuesday morning May 27th… Bill, Neely and Frankie are driving south on HW 1 back towards La Paz while I write this update in the back of Pee Wee. We just drove the 30 mile dirt road out of Scorpion Bay. Bill, Sydney and Chuck had tried to make it to IMG 2995this area on their surfing tour a few weeks back but the roads were too rough for Pee Wee’s tire pressure. We decide toIMG 2999 try again with lower tire pressure to make the washboard road tolerable. It made a big difference allowing us to make the drive in to south facing surfing bay which is on the Pacific directly across from Conception Bay on the Sea of Cortez side.

The area is famous for it’s mile long surf curl best when there is a southern swell. Yesterday the swell was light but surfers were able to get some long rides on 2 foot waves..IMG 3010

The main surfing area is a huge camping area south of the village of San Juanico with a cantina that manages campsites and IMG 3043cabana rentals as well as sleeping rooms big enough for a bed and table with reading light, Bill’s accommodations last night..

Water here is colder and everybody is wearing full wetsuites especially with the 20kt NW wind blowing a cool breeze off the Pacific. We bundled up and watched the surfers ride the long surf curls in front of our beach campsite. Unfortunately there was no rental equipment available so Bill & I didn’t get to try our hand at these beautiful waves… HOWEVER Neely was hot to try it and made friends with a local surfer who took her out for a ride on the waves. He even provided a wetsuite for her. Below she’s making us look bad hanging paw on the front of her friends surfboard. She will probably expect me to take her surfing from now on… IMG 3030

With the protected bay there is a large fishing fleet living and working in the San Juanico. The sand beach is very hard and they use wheels to run their ponga’s to the water.

IMG 3063.

IMG 3067Cruising by the Pangas we saw nets, compressores for diving, traps and lines. Taking to Jack a local American living here for the past few years the fishing here is excellent with Darodo and Yellowfin Tuna just off shore. The beach fishing is also very good.

Two sailboats were setting in the bay resting on their way north I presume. Very calm anchorage to recharge on your way north which is a hard beat to weather. People leave here and sail days straight to get to the next good anchorage north.

IMG 3086

Jack also manages rental homes. We got his contact information and hope to visit here again next year bring equipment and staying in a nice little beach house. The drive on the dirt road was worth it.

BTW: Just kidding…Actually the surfing dog is a local dog that surfs regularly with her master. Too Cool.

baja mapLowell, Frankie, Bill and Neely the land Gato Loco Crew.

Leg 1 April 11-19, Crew: Lowell, Bill, Dave – Puerto Penasco to San Carlos
Leg 2 April 29-4, Crew: Bill & Clyde (opening for crew) – San Carlos to Puerto Escondido
Leg 3 May 4-11, Lowell, Frankie, Bill, Richard & Kerry (from Australia) in the Loreto area..
Leg 4 May 11-17, Crew: Frankie ,Lowell , Bob & Chris Sanders & Kerry (sailing with us for extra week) (to La Paz)
Leg 5 May 17-24, Crew: Bill, Lindsay & Eve
Leg 6 – May 24-31, Rick and family in the Loreto area.
Leg 7 – May 31-7, Crew: Bill, Brian, Heather, Roger, Alisa & Carl. Puerto Escondido to San Carlos
Leg 8 – June 13-22, Crew: Lowell & Sally -San Carlos to Puerto Penasco


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