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Gato Loco Leg 2–The Boys Cruise Part 3

Lowell, May 19, 2019

  Tuesday, our sail from Mulege to San Juanico with the lightest winds of the trip so far.
Gato Loco Leg 2–The Boys Cruise Part 2

Lowell, May 15, 2019

Monday May 13th  Mulege river channel Today we sailed up from Conception Bay with NE winds forcing us to tack our way out of Conception.
Gato Loco Leg 2–The boys Cruise part1

Lowell, May 14, 2019

Thursday May 9th The new crew is settled in and provisions done.
Gato Loco Satellite Update - Happy Mothers Day

Lowell, May 12, 2019

Sunday May 12thHappy Mothers Day from the Sea of Cortez from the Gato Loco crew :)We're currently anchored at Punta Chivato 15 miles south of Santa Rosalia and just 10 miles no...
Gato Loco Middle Sea Fun, Bahia San Francisquto, Crossing to San Carlos on the mainland

Lowell, May 12, 2019

Monday May 6th Today we’re sailing from Isla Salsipuedes to Bahia San Francisquito 20 mile south.
Isla Salsipuedes, Our hiking island

Lowell, May 11, 2019

  Sunday May 5th Today we sail Bay of LA to Isla Salsipuedes 40 miles south east. Winds are light after last nights blow in Bay of LA.
Gato Loco Satellite Update, Crossing to Santa Rosalia

Lowell, May 10, 2019

Friday May 10 We're 10 miles out of Santa Rosalia expecting to arrive 6ish.
Another Whale channel passage on Gato Loco

Lowell, May 9, 2019

    Early morning light at Puerto Refugio Saturday May 4th   Just one day until the new moon and tidal flow in Whale channel is important to factor into the passa...
Gato Loco, Satellite Update, Another Sea of Cortez crossing

Lowell, May 8, 2019

Wednesday May 8th Yesterday was our second crossing of the Sea of Cortez from Bahia San Francisquito on the Baja side to the mainland Sonora coast to a small anchorage call Jullio...
Gato Loco Satellite Update 2

Lowell, May 6, 2019

Good morning from Gato Loco. We're sending this satellite update as we sail south from our overnight anchorage on Isla Salsipuedes.
Gato Loco Northern Sea Fun part 2

Lowell, May 4, 2019

Part 1 of this update is lost in cyber space in Bay of LA. We'll send part 2 and re-create part 1 as we sail south. Bay of LA is always an internet challenge. Enjoy what we saved.
Gato Loco Northern Sea Fun part 1

Lowell, May 2, 2019

Saturday May 4th (Part 1 of our first photo blog was lost in Bay of LA cyber space and didn’t get published at that time) We’re heading to Bay of LA today and time to use their...
Gato Loco departs Penasco at 3:30 AM for the big crossing

Lowell, May 2, 2019

This is a satellite transmitted update 7AM Very early morning (3:30 yikes) to insure we can make the crossing to Baja today arriving before full darkness.
Baja Sailing Season 2019 starts tomorrow

Lowell, April 29, 2019

The leg 1 crew comes together tomorrow in Phoenix and heads south to Puerto Penasco for our final provisions and a 3:30 AM departure Wednesday morning.
Gato Loco Sailing; Calling all boats for the 2019 Baja Rally

Lowell, April 25, 2019

This years Baja Rally will be held the week of May 19th – 25th.
Gato Loco sailing San Carlos to Puerto Escondido episode 6 (2018 sailing season)

Lowell, April 13, 2019

Gato Loco anchored in the river channel in Mulege Baja Here's a preview of this season of sailing with episodes from last season.
Gato Loco Sailing San Carlos to Loreto Ep. 5 & 2019 Baja cruise details

Lowell, March 6, 2019

Plans are really beginning to gel for this seasons Baja cruise.
Gato Loco sailing Penasco to San Carlos episode 4

Lowell, February 16, 2019

Plans for this season of sailing are firming up. We will be sailing through San Carlos again this year making a crew change there on our way south to Loreto.
Gato Loco sailing Penasco to San Carlos episode 3

Lowell, February 6, 2019

Our next update will have details on the 2019 cruise schedule. While we're getting plans organized here's another episode of our 2018 season video series.
Gato Loco Sailing 2019

Lowell, January 26, 2019

   San Juanico Baja Baja here we come!    Late January and it’s time to begin planning for our 2019 Baja cruise.
Dolphins Everywhere (posted previously in Facebook)

Lowell, December 22, 2018

We posted this video on our Facebook Gato Loco Sailing adventures and it was viewed by thousands.
Home Port Happiness

Lowell, June 22, 2018

  Wednesday June 20th   With 78 miles in front of us and our wives waiting in Penasco we’re up and underway at 5:30.
Puerto Penasco in our sights

Lowell, June 19, 2018

Tuesday June 18th   The Bay of LA wind Gods were good to us last night giving us a quiet night at anchor in front of Guillermo’s restaurant.
Best and worst to Bay of LA

Lowell, June 18, 2018

  Friday June 15th   Arriving last night 6ish the marina manager was waiting for us after our friend Javier, the manager at Puerto Escondido, called and made a reservatio...
Roller city sailing north to Santa Rosalia

Lowell, June 15, 2018

Thursday June 14th Hurricane Bud has been our main attention. Today we wait up 45 miles north of Loreto near Punta Pulpito a bit further from the path of now tropical storm Bud.
Journey north update, Running from the storm

Lowell, June 13, 2018

Wednesday June 13   Good news on all fronts today.The marina staff indicates that Bud should be a non-event that hopefully brings the area some much needed rain.
The journey back to Puerto Penasco begins with a hurricane.. Yikes!!

Lowell, June 12, 2018

Home port Puerto Penasco       Monday June 11th   Returning from Baja last week Frankie and I sent some time in Prescott, some time helping nephew Brad and t...
Team McCulley–Chilling on the Islands

Lowell, June 4, 2018

  Frankie and my week together in the Loreto islands Monday May 28th       We said goodbye to our Rally crew yesterday and made our way back to Puerto Escondi...
Baja Birthday Girl

Lowell, May 29, 2018

    Tuesday May 29th   I’m writing this blog setting in an anchorage south of Loreto with palapa homes lining the beach.
2018 Rally Update # 3–Pinnacle Heaven

Lowell, May 28, 2018

    Wednesday May 23rd   San Juanico greets the fleet with some mild sea chop from the east-south-east wind making it a bit rough.

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  • Gato Loco Leg 2–The Boys Cruise Part 3

      Tuesday, our sail from Mulege to San Juanico with the lightest winds of the trip so far.     Tuesday May 14th       Tuesday morning we sail out of the Mulege river channel 6:30 with a nice breeze coming out of Conception. Rounding Punta Conception and turning south winds are gone until […]

    By Lowell | May 19, 2019

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  • Gato Loco Leg 2–The Boys Cruise Part 2

    Monday May 13th  Mulege river channel Today we sailed up from Conception Bay with NE winds forcing us to tack our way out of Conception. The moon cycle is near half so we motor into the river channel over the shoal with 6’ under our keels. We see 2 other boats in the channel, a […]

    By Lowell | May 15, 2019

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  • Gato Loco Leg 2–The boys Cruise part1

    Thursday May 9th The new crew is settled in and provisions done. We’re all set to spend another night in the marina but we decided to escape to Algodones Bay and anchor in front of the Soggy Peso beach bar. There’s a band playing and they’re pretty busy. Louis, the waiter that gave us a […]

    By Lowell | May 14, 2019

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