March 22th PM

I'm writing this Thursday morning Mar 23rd. As I start writing we have to scramble to take control from autohelm. Running with the wind at our backs, sails wing & wing and winds at 18kts autohelm will not hold his course (or is it a she???). Looks like we will be steering today...

Vicki steering the spinnaker towards Bay of LA

Anyway, back to Refugio to Bahia de Los Angeles run yesterday. Excellent day with spinnaker up all the way to our anchorage in front of Guillermos. Our top speed near 13kts surfing down waves in the channel. Exciting day and Gato Loco maintained good control through it all.
Big Fun as we raise the spinnaker

Anchored in smooth water near Guillermo's ramp. We need gas after using the engines on the first 3 days and filling StingReay's tanks for their sail north. Gas station is a mile north so we head to the highway with our cans where Vicki quickly snags us a ride with Larry who winters in Bay of LA.

No cell coverage since leaving the Penasco area so we sent our collection of updates from the past days at the local internet spot on the north side of town. Their connection is Starband satellite dish. After some checking we noticed that pictures are not being included in the emails.. I made an attempt to correct the problem with no success yet. You may have to use your imagination until we solve the problem.. SORRY

Interesting travel group showed up at Guillermo's as we had our afternoon drinks. They just arrive by plane from the pacific side of Baja where they were whale watching (most had touched a whale that day) and now they were off to a beach camp 15-20 miles south to camp and kayak some of the coast. Speaking of kayaking,, there was a Colorado couple camped at Guillermos that started their trek in San Felipe and were kyacking to Cabo over 3 months. They were sure hoping for warmer weather!!!

Winds quiet overnight making it a cool but pleasant dinghy ride to Guillermo's restaurant for dinner.


Cruise Itinerary details

Bay of LA sets at the base of high Baja mountains.

March 23th AM

Anchor up at 7:30 and Vicki is preparing french toast as we head out of Bay of LA. No wind during the night but we find white caps in the channel as we turn south. A distant wind line finally reaches us and now its blowing 24kts. Our plan to set the spinnaker is aborted and instead we decide to go wing & wing with the screacher head sail.

Until the next update… The Gato Loco Crew

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