March 19th PM

Rain, lumpie seas and light wind summarize the day so far. More clouds than expected, thought we were going to sail through a rain storm but the it raced south out of our way. Hey for a bunch of desert dwellers that hadn't seen rain in 143 days the rainy weather is an event!!

Lumpie seas got Craig early this morning. Josh radioed us for meds and as they sailed up to pick them up Craig was white as a sheet. With meds and lots of boat and sail adjustments activities he quickly recovered. After some initial adjustments on their new sail equipment things seem to be going well for them.

StingReay and crew Josh

Winds have been light and at our back all day forcing us to motor. Finally at 2pm they've shifted out of the SW and we're able to run dual head sails with only a light kicker on one motor. 3pm and motors off and making 7.5kts with a 14kt wind from the south.

Made Puertecitos 6ish in time to anchor before sunset. Shortly after sunset our luck turned as an Elefonta (Big wind coming from the pacific side of Baja) started blowing, gusting above 30kts. This is Sting Reay's first anchor in big winds but the good sand bottom held both boats in place. Craig and Josh joined us for dinner, out of the wind, but had to work to get the dingy back to Sting Reay after.

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Cruise Itinerary details

March 20th AM

Wind backed down around 3am and bay is calm and sunny this morning. Long day and night yesterday so we have a 9am departure for Isla San Louis and the on to Bahia Willard were we hope to have a sunset dinner on the beach at the local restaurant.

All is much better!

Until the next update The Gato Loco Crew

Puertecitos as we depart. Anchorage is in the bay to the left

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