Gato Loco Sailing – Loreto Fest 2005.

April 22nd – May 1st,   2005

May 1


Puerto Escondido’s anchorage. Gato Loco now moored at the X.


Cool, We’re setting in the Hermosillo airport connected to wireless complements of With my Prodigy account I’m logged on reading emails and creating this update. Things they are a changing in Mexico! Frankie and I had an early alarm this morning as an old Baja Haha friend Ron dingied up at 7 AM to give us a ride to the dingy dock where there was a taxi waiting to take us to the airport. The flight from Loreto to Hermosillo was smooth with good visibility to the Sea of Cortez where we made passage over the past week. As we passed over Loreto there was a huge cruise ship anchored offshore with launches running people ashore. First time we’ve seen that.

Yesterday was our last day at Loreto Fest. We started the morning with the 8 AM VHF net where you hear about the day’s activities. We started a tradition last year to participate in the bay cleanup. The bay actually looks good compared to last year after hurricane Marty. As an added bonus the clean-up committee added some prizes in and among the existing trash. BINGO our first trash we picked up had a fishing lure hand made by one of the committee members and it comes with a guarantee for catching fish.

After the clean-up we fetched fuel that Jesus picked up in Loreto overnight. This is the last thing we need to begin readying the boat for the week layover. Until now we have been anchored close to the dingy dock and Loreto Fest activities. To better secure the boat we moved to a mooring ball to be prepared for that unexpected weather condition.

The last night of the Festival was a big dinner with local dancers added to the entertainment. We love their costumes and I can’t stop snapping photos. The last night also means saying goodbyes to new friends with promises to return to the area soon.

The good news is the cruise is not over. Bill, Carlton and Beth will arrive May 7th and we’re sure to hear about their return to San Carlos.

 Until the next update… The Gato Loco Crew

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Lure with a guarantee.

Inspecting and preparing the mooring ball (#67)

Dancers were part of the Saturday entertainment


Beach near the Festival activities.

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