Gato Loco Sailing – Loreto Fest 2005.

April 22nd – May 1st,   2005

Apr 29

Sunrise as Bob and Chris head back to reality.


Bartender competition, will it be a cerveza or margarita?

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Today was the day that Bob and Chris leave us. We headed for the dingy dock at 7 AM starting our day early.

Time to start readying the boat for Bill, Carlton and Beth. On our way in yesterday we pulled along the seawall and filled water tanks. Water is now free with the anchoring fee. Filling the fuel tanks only took 15 gallons a good indication of the consistent winds during the cruise. Check-in with the port authority was simple. There now is a local harbor master who manages boat check in/out and is open 7 days a week (no traveling by taxi to Loreto). He wanted copies of passports of passengers and boat certificate. Best of all no charge. Cruising in Mexico is really improving! Tomorrow we will move the boat to a mooring ball for the week. Boat owners recommend that I dive the mooring to inspect and make sure everything is in good order underwater. Bill, no possibility to have the boat close to dingy dock while on a mooring. Everybody indicates it will be no problem to find someone to give you a ride to the boat when you arrive.

Made a run to Willy’s Tienda for provisions today. He is ¼ mile beyond the Trupui store that burned down the past summer. Surprised to see a lot of buildings still standing at Trupui after the fire. Will try to find out more on how they are recovering from the total loss.

Met Ralph & Helen and Joe and Joan from Phoenix (lake pleasant sailing club) today. They sailed Monday from San Carlos with 5 boats sailing overnight to an island 15 miles north of here in 24 hours a much different trip from our multiple stops down the Baja coast.

Happy hour, Pot Luck and music this evening. Seems like a busy day. We're going to get some rest!!!


Musical entertainment after pot-luck dinner

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