Baja 2006 April 29th - May 19th

May 21th

9:40 AM Sunday morning, Setting in our Cholla Bay home recovering from a very late night at the Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers concert in Puerto Penasco last night. Great concert under the stars with lots of our Mexico friends.

Okay..Okay, I know there are a few gaps since the last update when we were crossing the Sea of Cortez from San Rosalia to San Carlos last Thursday. Our Updates are now coming "On Mexican Time". As they say in marine radio lingo, Here's a "fill" on how we made it to Cholla.

May 18th Thursday, Crossing the Sea

First the fishing report was awesome. During the crossing we put the Darado jig in the water about 15 miles off Baja and within 5 minutes we had a 30" Darado on the line. We were in the catch and release mode so we released him (her?) & 5 minutes later had another one. After the 3rd hookup we pulled the line out of the water so we could make some progress on our crossing. The Darado (Mahi Mahi) are running and I think you could catch one by throwing an old boot in the water..

Winds during the crossing were very favorable. We started the early morning with 8kts out of the north allowing us to motorsail at 7.5kts. Weather reports from the ham nets indicated winds from the SE and around 10 they clocked to the SE as predicted still giving use 7.5kts.


Friends enjoying the Peacemaker's concert.

Mid day during the crossing about 30 miles off San Carlos we snagged a fishing net line from a panga fishing boat working nets about 1/2 mile south. Engines shut down and sails released and still no luck in freeing the line. Next option fins and mask to free us. The line was caught on a keel and came free fairly easy once in the water. Water visibility at 200'+ in beautiful blue open water..

VHF radio reception was excellent during the crossing giving us a chance to talk to "Cool Change" as they arrive in Santa Rosalia 50 miles away. They will be heading to San Carlos a few days behind us.. We sailed in to San Carlos just after 5 PM, 11 hours after starting with an average motorsailing speed of 6.8kts.

Bad News..The marina informed us there is no space for Gato Loco. Not the best ending to our cruise. Marina manager Felipe told us to check back tomorrow to see if something might open up. A full marina will impact us getting back to Penasco in time for the weekend where Frankie and friends will meet us at the house in Cholla. Our Saturday night plans are to go to the Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers concert a semi-annual happening in Penasco. With no room in the marina we pulled in to the launch ramp dock and secured Gato Loco so we could give her a wash down in preparation to put her to bed before our bus trip north back to Penasco. Steve's good work talked the night guard in to allowing us to stay on the dock overnight allowing us to be at the marina door when they opened Friday at 7:30..

Friday May 19th

Not looking promising. Felipe indicates there still isn't space and we had hoped to leave by 10:30 to make a bus to Penasco. Taking desperate measures I told Felipe that we needed to get to Penasco to see Roger Clyne in concert Saturday night. His face lights up and says "I'm in a band, but It's metal" and he knows of Roger's band. With in 30 seconds Felipe has plan B and offered to get us a mooring ball to leave Gato Loco on.. Well, to make a long story short we put Gato Loco to bed on time, secured in a marina mooring and probably owe it all to Roger's popularity and Felipe's help to get us to the concert. We were able to catch a taxi to Hermosillo just in time to make the 12:30 PM bus back to Penasco in time for Steve and I to join our friends before sunset. Sorry, Through all this ordeal I didn't take any photos so words alone will have to tell the story.

Gato Loco will be hauled for some maintenance work May 30th and then sailed back to Puerto Penasco as soon as she is back in the water. Stay Tuned.

Until the next cruise.. The Gato Loco Crew..

Wow: 3 weeks went by fast. This "On Mexican Time" is growing on us so Frankie and I plan on staying at the Cholla house from another week or two..

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