Baja 2006 April 29th - May 19th

May 14th Mother's Day

Saturday turned out to be a very light wind day requiring us to motor sail all day to arrive in Bahia San Sabastian 4ish. This is a little oasis with about 20 homes, mostly americans. A fresh water spring feeds lots of vegetation especially Palm trees. I was last here 3 years ago and there seems to be lots of home improvements which requires hauling lots of materials over bad road to this remote location 60 miles from anywhere. I added San Sabastian on the map to give you the location.
One of the homes is kind enough to have an open wireless satellite internet connection so we spent some time on the boat catching up on emails and internet fill before heading to shore to meet the neighbors.
Immediately landing on shore we picked the local tour guide, Tipie the local dog who escorted us as we walked back in the canyon and then through the neighborhood. She was a good friend of everybody we met & jumped on a wall to give Steve kisses (sorry Cindy).

Gato Loco from Brian's house view of the bay looking north. He lives here full time except when visiting family. Hurricane Marty sent a wave surge though his house which is very nice open air palm thatched roof 3 bedroom home. We meet folks from 6 of the homes some offering fish, drinks and places to sleep if we wanted to get off the boat. They were watching a shrimp like fishing boat anchored near their bay and said they planed on reporting the boat to Mexican Game&Fish because it was a net bottom dragger that tears up the local reefs which apparently is not allowed here.

Cool evening with wind from shore down the canyon. Light clouds this morning made us get up early to enjoy the sunrise.

Cool Change anchored with us overnight had folks from Colorado which Steve estimated as ski bums relaxing after ski season. They had two dogs on board that Frankie would have enjoyed.

3:30PM and we are sailing into Conception Bay. Winds have been up and down many times over the past 2 hours. More like lake sailing, blowing 18 and then nothing. Steve is washing windows as we turn towards Coyote Bay, Good Crew!!

Fishing Report for Bill & Vicki

Today we caught and cooked lunch, 20 incher??
I'm doing my best to carry on with the fishing action after Bill left the boat. Bought a new Darado lure in Loreto and hoping for the big one.. Vicki, I almost used your tabouli while fixing fish for lunch.

Until the Next Update. The Gato Loco Crew..

Dolphins in clear water north of Isla Carmen

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