Baja 2006 April 29th - May 19th

May 7th

Loreto Fest 10 annual edition.. Big turn out this year with somewhere around 150 boats anchored and enjoying the activities. We sailed in Friday afternoon in time for the spaghetti dinner and musical entertainment provided by cruiser musicians (nothing great but certainly entertaining).

Puerto Escondido where the mountains swim! Lighthouse dwarfed by the mountains near the entrance. Boats anchored in inner bay.

Big changes in Puerto Escondido with huge investment by the Mexican gov to add improvements to make it a full marina and boat destination. New Fuel dock with good service and gas at $2.25/gal.. Lots of new buildings under construction with future restaurants, cafe's and services. Looks like it could be done in the next year.

Vicki enjoys the sunset as the rest of the crew cheering the Suns on.

We joined the fleet Saturday morning to do the traditional bay cleanup (although it is pretty clean) and used the afternoon to take on provision, water and gas. The Trupi resort that burnt down 1 1/5 years ago is busily being rebuilt and is open. Big local cultural show before dinner and a good cruiser classical guitar player from Britain. Tonight the musician goal was to get everybody dancing but we came back to the boat to listen to the Suns kill LA.. Go Suns. Felt great!! The rum drinks we were drinking at dinner put us to bed early.


New fuel docks. Need reservations to get fuel


11 AM, Heading south today, sailing toward the north end of Isla Danzante before turning south to Auga Verde where hope to anchor tonight. Honeymoon cove on the N end of Danzante is where we had our first sail experience in the area on my 40th B-day (a few years ago!). Entering the cove we dropped David Page in the water over a whale. When he surface his eyes were larger than his mask!! All night long we had squid tentacles reaching to the surface as they feed on small fish in the water. The rest of the crew (Murril, Steve, Frankie) will remember that cruise for ever.

Until the next update… The Gato Loco Crew

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